Design Process

HBAA Architects will:

  • Meet and Consult with client
  • Ask client what they want and what they need
  • Visit the site and survey it
  • HBAA architects will advise on and arrange any necessary approval from the Building department.

HBAA Architects will:

  • continue to consult with client and prepare a cost estimate.
  • discuss with the necessary other consultants like engineers and electrical contractors.

HBAA Architects will:

  • continue to consult with client and develop the drawings.
  • prepare a timetable for the construction.
  • prepare 3D imagery to help the client understand how the project will look.

HBAA always designs to the Fire Safety and Enviromental international codes to insure client safety.

  • obtain the necessary information from other members of the Design Team and add to the drawings.
  • ascertain the approval from the Building Department and or local Municipality.

HBAA Architects will:

  • continue to consult with client and develop the design in more detail.
  • prepare drawings to level of detail suitable for a Quantity Surveyor to prepare an acccurate price.
  • prepare drawings to level of detail so a contractor can understand how to build the project
  • prepare a schedule of works.
  • review the construction time table.
  • write a written specification book for the project, so the necessary standards can be maintained throughout the construction period.

HBAA has extensive experience with various contractors and will advise the client on which ones are the most suitable for each particular project.
HBAA Architects will:

  • Take Client’s instructions.
  • Advise on and obtain the Client’s approval to a list of tenderers for the building contract.
  • Invite tenders. Appraise and report on tenders with other consultants.
  • Report on tenders to Client.
  • Negotiate the best price with the Contractor.

HBAA Architects will:

  • Advise the client on the best manner to precede, which type of contract to put in place, to best protect all parties involved in the building process.

HBAA Architects will:

  • Insure the building procurement process runs smoothly.
  • Keep the client informed
  • Insure the clients’ building is completed to a high standard, comes in on budget and on time.


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